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Sydney Dental Services

General Dentist in Sydney

Each and every one of our dentists at the Sydney Dentist Clinic is handpicked for their skill, technique and passion for dentistry.

Our comprehensive dental services are designed to limit the amount time you spend in the dentist chair by teaching you how to take care of your oral health in order to prevent oral and gum diseases and pain.

Cosmetic Dentist in Sydney

Our dentists are all proficient in the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques, offering you state of the art procedures that will leave your teeth whiter, straighter and more healthy looking than they ever have been before.

From veneers to crowns to implants to gap reduction, our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services take care of all your needs, all at the most affordable prices in Sydney.

Dental Hygiene at Sydney Dentist Clinic

Good dental hygiene is the basis to good oral health. By visiting our offices and letting our experienced dental hygienists clean your teeth and gums from plaque and build-up, you can avoid cavities, dental procedures, bad breath and periodontal disease.

We also offer cavity-preventing applications that will help to ensure the only time you need to see the dentist is for your twice-yearly check-ups.


(02) 8279 2282

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Sydney Dentist Clinic

124 Hampden Road

Artarmon, Sydney, NSW, 2064


Phone: (02) 8279 2282

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