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Dental Fillings

What are Composite Fillings?

When you have a cavity, tooth decay or fracture, the most common solution to keep that problem from spreading throughout the tooth is to remove the affected area and fill it in with a composite filling. Composite filling simply means that the filling material is the same color as your tooth (as opposed to a silver amalgam filling). While silver fillings are cheaper, they are typically only used in the back of your mouth where they are not seen.

Composite fillings blend any dental procedures into the shade of your existing teeth, giving you a seamless smile and undetectable dental work. Of course, composite fillings are not permanent so they will eventually have to be replaced, but that's many years down the line. Composite fillings are the most popular way to fix cavities, tooth decay and fractures in teeth that are visible when you open your mouth or smile.

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What Do Dentists Use Composite Fillings For?

At Sydney Dentist Clinic, we use composite fillings for a number of dental procedures including:

  • Filling cavities
  • Fixing chipped teeth
  • Fixing fractured, broken or cracked teeth
  • Repairing worn teeth
  • Stopping tooth decay
  • Bridging the gap between two teeth

What Happens When I Get a Composite Filling?

Because of light technology, composite fillings are fast and easy. After your dentist takes care of the original problem (e.g. drilling a cavity, filing broken tooth, removing decay, etc.), he or she will clean out the tooth and place the filling as needed. The dentist might place medication in the tooth if the affliction is near a nerve.

The composite is shaped, pressed into your tooth, shaped again and then polished down to match your original smile and bite as closely as possible. You might still experience sensitivities to temperatures at first but this will stop in a few hours to days. Your dentist will explain in detail how to take care of your fillings, but it is mainly practicing good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly.

Unfortunately, some people wait too long to get to the dentist. This means that what was once a simple filling can become a root canal or extraction. Don't delay if you suspect you have a cavity or are experiencing pain or sensitivity, call (02) 8279 2282 or book an appointment online with Sydney Dentist Clinic.


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