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Family Dentist in Sydney

Good oral hygiene starts early, which is why the Australian government has provided a new program for children aged two to seventeen. This dental program allots $1,000 per child for preventative and basic dental care. This is important because the notion that children don't need the same high quality dental care that adults require because they still have their baby teeth is outdated.

If a child starts out with a strong base of proper oral hygiene and care, they are more likely to carry these good habits on into their adult years, giving them healthier, stronger teeth for a lifetime. It is recommended that as soon as your child's teeth come in fully, you take them to visit the dentist. Even though baby teeth will eventually fall out, problems can still arise which complicate things for the adult teeth later down the road.

Further, regular checkups and cleanings will ensure that your child has strong, healthy gums. Your family dentist will also show your child the proper way to brush and care for their teeth, meaning less cavities down the road (something your wallet will thank you for later!).

Benefits of Visiting a Sydney Children's Dentist

There are many other reasons that you should bring your child in to see a Sydney family dentist as soon as their full set of teeth come in:

  • Routine screenings catch problems early before they have a chance to become serious
  • Cavities and tooth decay can be avoided through regular checkups and cleanings
  • X-rays can provide insight into the way your child's adult teeth coming in, outlining spacing issues
  • Predicting whether braces will be necessary can help you start planning and saving sooner rather than later
  • Problems with teeth spacing can be address
  • Curbing a rampant sweet tooth through education and learning will help your child not eat too much sugar
  • Learning the proper way to brush and floss your teeth early on means healthier teeth and gums for life
  • A dentist will also help your child with sports mouthpieces, grinding plates and other dental instruments to keep your children's teeth safe and protected
  • Children who visit the dentist early on are more comfortable with the dentist, eliminating a fear of dentists later on in life that can lead to delayed visits which leads to bad teeth and costly repairs

Your child deserves the best dental care in Sydney. Call (02) 8279 2282 or book an appointment online with Sydney Dentist Clinic to put your children on the path to a healthy smile for life.

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