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If you are missing teeth and it is making you too self-conscious to smile or giving you problems eating or talking, dentures are an affordable solution. Missing teeth can occur for many reasons such as gum disease, injury, tooth decay, you can even be born without them. But no matter the reason you are missing teeth, dentures will help:

  • Keep your facial muscles from sagging
  • Keep your cheeks from sinking in
  • Keep your lips looking full and not sinking into your mouth
  • Preserve your youthful appearance
  • Allow you to speak and eat as normal

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are simply an oral appliance which is custom fitted to your mouth. When your dentures are in, your smile is complete and you have full functionality of your teeth. A dentist has to fit you for dentures and they can either be full or partial. Partial dentures attach to existing teeth to replace one or more teeth in one area. Full dentures replace either the full upper or lower jaw (or both).

The dentures are centered on a base called a “plate” which is typically made of metal or plastic. The teeth, which are made of plastic or porcelain and shaped to match your existing teeth or resemble your original teeth are then attached to the plate.

For partial dentures, metal clasps or precision attachments are used to attach the dentures to the teeth that bookend the missing portion. This holds them in place.

Should I Get Dentures?

So, how do you know if you can get dentures? Simple: if you have lost either all or most of your teeth, you are a suitable candidate for dentures. Since dentures are less expensive than dental implants, they are a popular option for anyone who wants to restore the look and functionality of their smile.

What Do Dentures Feel Like?

For most people, dentures have an adjustment period, meaning they do take some getting used to. They might even feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks, but your mouth will soon grow accustomed to them and you will barely notice them. The main issue with this adjustment period is that your mouth has to develop the proper muscles to keep the dentures in place, especially your tongue and cheek muscles. Until that happens, your dentures might pop out of place as you speak or eat.

This period might also be accompanied by a lot of saliva and some minor soreness or irritation. Fortunately, all of this is short-lived and as soon as your mouth becomes accustomed to the dentures, these problems subside. If they don't, your dentist might need to make a minor adjustment to the dentures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

  • Can I eat with dentures? Yes, absolutely. Though it might take a little time to master eating with dentures, as long as you start off with soft foods that are cut up into tiny pieces and work your way up, you'll be fine. Chew slowly, using your full mouth (not on just one side). Stay away from sharp bones, hard foods and extremely hot soups.
  • Will dentures make me look different? Dentures are designed to make your teeth look and feel as natural as possible. You can either match the teeth you once had or get that perfect smile you always wanted.
  • How do I take care of my dentures? You must brush, then soak, then brush your dentures each night before you go to bed. Brush them to free any stuck on food, then soak them in an effervescent denture cleanser to get rid of stains and odors. In the morning, brush your dentures again, just like you brush your teeth in the morning (though much softer so as not to damage the dentures).

If you think that dentures might be right for you, call (02) 8279 2282 or book an appointment online with Sydney Dentist Clinic to find out just how affordable dentures are.

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