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Root Canal Treatment at Sydney Dentist Clinic

A root canal is a great way to avoid tooth extraction by repairing the damage to a tooth that is badly decayed, fractured or abscessed. This dental treatment method allows you to keep your natural teeth further into your life. Root canals can also be combined with a dental post and crown to give you back full function of the tooth, as well as restoring your natural smile.

How to Tell if You Need a Root Canal

Because each person responds to tooth decay, abscessing and breaks differently, the only true way to tell if you need a root canal is to visit the Sydney Dentist Clinic. Dentists will be able to assess the tooth, even if you have no pain or symptoms these might arise further down the line. Common symptoms of a tooth in need of a root canal are:

  • Sensitivity to hot and / or cold
  • Pain in the tooth and gums
  • Swelling of the gums and / or jaw and cheek
  • Pain while eating sugary foods
  • Pain while chewing or biting down
  • Random tooth pain
  • Constant tooth pain
  • Headaches
  • Tooth pain caused by changes in air pressure

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Despite what you might have heard about root canals, they are painless and fairly quick. Root canals of yesteryear might have been painful, but with the advanced technology and dental techniques of the modern age, dentists have gotten root canals down to a science. Here's what happens during a root canal:

  • You are given a local anesthetic so you don't feel any pain or pressure
  • The dentist opens a chamber in the afflicted tooth
  • Using a special tool, the nerve of the tooth is gently removed, forming a canal
  • This “root canal” is cleansed and prepped to be filled with anti-infection medications and a temporary dental filling
  • Pain killers and antibiotics might be administered to prevent pain and infection
  • In a few hours, you will feel normal again. During the second visit, the root canal is sealed off and filled with a more permanent filler
  • A post and crown might be applied to restore the tooth to its original look while providing structure to the tooth

Sydney Dentist Clinic Root Canal

Root Canals Treatment Can Save Teeth But Only if You Act Fast!

The longer you wait to have your root canal done, the more the tooth will break or become infected and not salvageable. Root canals are best done as quickly as possible to avoid any complications. Contact our offices today if you have any overly sensitive teeth, tooth pain, abscesses or visible fracturing of the tooth.

We will tell you the best course of action to save your tooth and restore your natural smile and functionality with as little stress and strain possible. Call the Sydney Dentist Clinic today at (02) 8279 2282 to schedule an appointment or book and appointment online and we will call you back to confirm your appointment.

Video on Root Canal Treatment

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